About Startup Day

Startup Day is the keynote event for startups in Stockholm. More than a thousand local and international founders, student entrepreneurs, investors, media reps and others attend each year. The all-day event features an eclectic line-up of speakers, startup pitches, exhibitors, and a diverse group of passionate attendees. This year, we welcome another thousand participants. Get your ticket now.




09.00 Registration and breakfast

Main stage

09.30 Event kick-off
Nick Kaye, Executive Director, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
Moderator Emma Rose Metcalfe, Design Consultant, LEGO Future Lab
  Redefining the way we work today: augmented intelligence, and combining creativity with the massive computational power of machines.
Cristina Riesen, General Manager EMEA, Evernote
  Random and uniquely insightful examples on the creation of platforms for work, life and ideas.
Jesper Kouthoofd, Founder, Teenage Engineering
 Building a product that people love.
Henrik Lenberg, Founder, Auxy
 David Rowan, Editor of WIRED UK will hot-seat interview each of the first three talks.

Coffee break activities

10.50 SSES skills workshop in Riddarsalen and startup pitches in Galleriet and Fogelström

Main stage

11:30 Shifting the fashion industry from mass production to fully customized products.
Caroline Walerud, Co-Founder, Volumental
  How to get invited to speak about a button at Startup Day.
Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder, Shortcut Labs - Flic

Galleriet: The Stockholm Way

Is there a recipe of identifiable ingredients that are emblematic, conducive and above all unique to Stockholm’s startup success? (Moderated by Rasmus Rahm, Deputy Executive Director, SSES).

11:30 The Stockholm buffet - small savoury snacks for startup success.
Ebba Åkerman, Founder, United Invitations
  Disrupt or die in the music industry - why Stockholm understands this better than anyone.
Ankit Desai, Digital Strategy, Universal Music


11:30 Paypal Seminar
The future of payments... new opportunities for startups

Lunch break activities

12.20 SSES skills workshop in Riddarsalen and startup pitches in Galleriet and Fogelström

Main stage

13:40 Empowering change: activism through entrepreneurship.
Fredrika Gullfot, Founder, Simris Alg
  Building companies in the system age.
Martin Willers, Co-founder, People People

Galleriet: The Stockholm Way

13.40 Pecha Kucha
My Klint, Manager, Student Inc, KTH Innovation
  The Stockholm Way Panel
Jane Walerud, CEO of Teclo Networks; Sean Percival, Partner at 500 Startups

Coffee break activities

14.30 SSES skills workshop in Riddarsalen and startup pitches in Galleriet and Fogelström

Main stage

15:10 Taking the leap: moving from idea to reality.
Supriya Hobbs, Co-Founder, Miss Possible
  Unraveling bootstrapping.
Martina Elm, Co-Founder, Confetti
  Moderator wraps up the day
16.30 After party at Patricia!


The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship created Startup Day ten years ago. Since then, the event has grown immensely, and we continue to run Startup Day along with the generous support of our sponsors to whom we are ever-thankful, and without whom the event would not be possible.

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