On April 22nd, the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship welcomes you to Startup Day, gathering a thousand university students and startup enthusiasts from Sweden, the Nordics and Europe.

Connect with founders revealing their hard-earned insights. Roll up your sleeves in the workshops. Dive into focus-tracks and into a once-in-a-year crowd of inclusivity and diversity. Blast through a dozen hours then kick back and chill at the afterfest.

Meet across disciplines. Meld new ideas. 

Find the droids you’re looking for.

The Pitch Pit

Look out for the Pitch Pit at Startup Day, an open-mic-style pitching track with a spontaneous chance to listen to other pitches, then a spontaneous chance to pitch your idea or startup, and then a chance to spontaneously judge others! Experience the full circle of the Pitch Pit.

Check back soon to sign up for interactive workshops throughout the day.

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Speakers - will be continuously updated

Maddy Savage


Main Stage

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Shahan Lilja

Founder: Mavenoid

Amplifying Intelligence: Rise of the Humans

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Sydney Lai

Head of Business: Audacy

How to build hard sh!t - from space startups to virtual reality

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George Gachara

Co-director: The NEST

Role of arts and creativity as a progressive enabler for startups

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Linn Frisinger & Nadja Forsberg


Stitching a tear in the textile industry

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Dr. Elina Berglund Scherwitzl

Co-founder: Natural Cycles

Fail to give up: The power of tenacity in ground-breaking research and building a startup

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Niklas Laninge

Founder: Daily Bits Of

Three dysfunctions of a startup

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Sofia Appelgren

Founder: Mitt Liv

The world is changing. Can Sweden keep up? 

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Nikolaj Køster

VP of Commercial: Spiri

The future of shared, electric urban mobility

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Malin Bobeck

Smart textile artist

Future of fiber - Connecting people through art using textile that connect

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Andreas Saari & Anton Backman

Founders: Wave Ventures

How to tell your own story

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Emma Lindahl


Life Science focus-track

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Sofia Svanteson

Founder: Ocean Observations

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Jesper Ericsson

Director of Sales and Marketing: BioLamina AB

Building for the better of mankind – the stem cell revolution

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Adam Peleg

Workshop Leader

Online Marketing

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Theresia Silander Hagström & Oytun Yildirimdemir

Workshop Leaders

Sell Early, Sell Lean

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